We are currently seeking a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Reno, NV area.

Coordinates and implements the vocational training or retraining necessary to return the claimant to the workplace. Conducts transferable

skills analysis, vocational testing/evaluation, job analysis and job search activities. Coordinates claimant participation in various programs, activities and services designed to prepare them for re-entry to the workforce.

Main responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

• Coordinating the individual’s vocational training program while maximizing cost containment by getting the injured worker back to work.
• Conducting vocational assessment interviews and tests, which, in conjunction with the medical information and release, will allow the formulation of vocational goals.
• Working with the physicians and therapists to set up medical assessments to identify physical and mental capabilities which will aid in counseling the injured worker on vocational alternatives should limitations call for another type of work, or if necessary and appropriate, retraining.
• Researching training and pain programs, coordinating participation and monitoring the individual’s success over the course of the program.
• Working with employers (past or potential) and employment placement facilities on modifications to job duties based on medical limitations and the employee’s functional assessment.
• Providing job search skills training to claimants.
• Coordinating the injured worker’s appointments and arranging and/or personally escorting them to the appointments.
• After placement, following up by visiting the worksite, and evaluating activities and assessing performance.
• May provide exert testimony on litigated cases.
• Developing knowledge of current job market in an effort to identify alternative placements.
• Preparing detailed evaluation reports, as per account guidelines, and case notes documenting each phase of activity as it is completed.
• Maintaining the necessary credentials and demonstrating a level of professionalism within the work place and in dealing with injured workers reflects positively on the company as a whole.
• Coordinating case management with attorneys, insurance carriers, physicians, employers, and claimants. Serves as a main liaison in the rehabilitation process.