GREAT FOR SEMI-RETIRED, part time, mornings

(Arvada, Aurora, Littleton, Thornton)

If you are retired, or will be by May 1, 2016, and are interested in permanent seasonal work (May 15 -

Sept 31) please consider joining other semi-retired, mostly military vet, youngsters already with my company.

I need to replace a few of my employees. I say semi- retired because most of my employees have retired from the postal service, military, industry, publishing, etc.

Please read below and know the first reason I appreciate "military veteran" employees is because they follow directions.

Are you my next Larry and Harv?
No experience necessary. WE WILL TRAIN TO OUR STANDARDS, MUST WORK EVERY OTHER WEEKEND, MINIMUM!!! Dependable, reliable seasonal work.

After working part time and earning $4000-$6000 every summer for me for years upon retiring from the railroad and accounting, Larry and Harv have finally completely retired. Both are in their mid-70s.

These gentlemen liked the seasonal, warm weather and worked 3-4 days a week from 6-10am servicing small community swimming pools and rest rooms near their homes in the Arvada, Westminster area. They also were a bit handy and earned extra money making minor repairs like fixing toilet and PVC leaks.

They were able to take a few days off to fish or attend family reunions because each had a route of 3-4 pools and a partner to cover for them as the pools need to be cleaned every day. The two of them preferred it this way because they both believed that maintaining every day was better and easier than a couple times a week. They liked sharing the route with another person so they could alternate weekends and always have a backup.

They knew they could count on having their seasonal job year after year, liked the hours, the work and even the early morning exercise, though the job is not strenuous.

Due to their retiring and business growth, I now have openings in Northwest, Southeast and Southwest Denver.

You must possess a reliable vehicle, have a valid driver's license, pass a background check and have a cell phone (know how to text and send photos). You must also be able to work some weekends. Applicants who live within 15 minutes of job sites will be given priority. You must be available from May 1 through September 31. Therefore, students, teachers, etc. need not apply as the school year ends too late and starts too soon.

Respond once only with the following information:

Can you work every other weekend, minimum? YES NO
Name and phone number(s)
Type of vehicle
Main streets near your home
Brief work history
Are you currently employed, where
Can start between May 1-15.