ID Card, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards

Places in Denver that assist individuals in obtaining documents such as identification, birth certificates, and social security cards. 

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Stout Street Health Clinic.

Stout Street Health Center 

​​Organization ​Stout St Health Center
​​Stout St Health Center location 2130 Stout St, Denver CO
​Stout St Health Center phone number​​303-293-2220

Holy Ghost Catholic Church 

​​Organization ​Holy Ghost Catholic Church
​Holy Ghost Catholic Church location ​1900 California St, Denver CO
​Holy Ghost Catholic Church phone number303-292-1556

St Francis Center 

​Organization ​St Francis Center
​​​St Francis Center location ​2323 Curtis St, Denver CO
​St Francis Center phone number​303-297-1576

Denver Human Services 

​​Organization ​Denver Human Services
​​Denver Human Services location ​1200 Federal Blvd, Denver CO
​Denver Human Services phone number​720-944-3666
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