Denver Art Gallery, Shuri Castle

Art Gallery in Denver - The South China Sea and Naha City from Shuri Castle Naha City seen from Shuri Castle. Shurijo Castle became the kings’ castle after the unification of the Ryukyu Kingdom, and served as the center of politics, diplomacy, and culture during the Ryukyu Kingdom era.

Denver Art Gallery, Shinto Procession in Okinawa Japan

Art Gallery in Denver - Shinto Procession in Okinawa Denver Art Gallery, Shinto procession in Naha City, Okinawa Japan. Photography by former Okinawa Living Magazine Art Director and Photographer. Photography of a Shinto procession passes by a store in downtown Naha City in Oki...

Denver Art Gallery, Shinto Priest in Okinawa Japan

Art Gallery in Denver - Shinto Priest Blessing Streets in Okinawa Jichinsai is a traditional ceremony conducted by a Shinto priest that asks the earth spirit for permission to use the grounds where the ceremony is performed. A Shinto priest blesses the streets in Okinawa Japan.